The Police Beanie - Police or Sheriff

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Lets’s imagine you were off duty at a mall or a school and a critical incident unfolds. There are gunshots and people are screaming and running. You draw your firearm and begin to seek out the threat. Are there other off duty law enforcement officers on scene? Are there legally armed civilians? Will on duty units recognize you as a friendly or as the threat? The top picture shows an off duty officer with a badge around his neck, yet still appears as a possible threat. The bottom picture shows an officer wearing the Police Beanie, unmistakable as Law Enforcement from any angle. 

The Police Beanie (Patent Pending) is highly visible, ultra-reflective, and easily concealable in a pocket. It offers 360 degree, immediate identification for off duty and plain clothes Law Enforcement Officers. 


Please email a photo of your credentials to after placing an order. We will not ship orders until we verify active LE employment.