YouTube Censored This Tucker Video with Bernard Kerik, Connecting BLM To Terrorism

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 10, 2020

Bernard Kerik: Convicted Terrorist Susan Rosenberg on Board Tied to BLM Fundraising Operations

Tucker: Well, despite its immense political power and it does have immense power, the group black lives matter isn’t really much of a group. It’s a flimsy organization, doesn’t really have a legal existence of its own.

Officially the primary black lives matter group is the project of another organization.

The current vice chair of thousand currents is a woman called Susan Rosenberg and she is a convicted terrorist who spent 16 years in federal prison before she was given a pardon by Bill Clinton on the very last day in office.

Bernie Kerik remembers this well. He’s the former police commissioner of New York City but before that he worked in New Jersey and he personally escorted Susan Rosenberg from the federal courthouse in Newark in 1985. He knows the story well and we are happy to have them on tonight. Mr. Kerik, thank you for coming on. That picture is remarkable. Susan Rosenberg

Kerik: I had here then, tucker. I had hair.

Tucker: And an AR-15. Who is Susan Rosenberg? Why is it significant that she now in effect works for black lives matter?

Kerik: Well, for me, on a personal note, it’s important for your viewers to know who she is because black lives matter, as I’ve said dating back to 2015, revolutionary Marxist groups, that’s what it is, the group who wants to overthrow the government, the country, it’s a group that its founders, its three founders, were inspired by a woman named Joann Chesimard who goes by an African name, Assata Shakur, who lives in exile in Cuba after she assassinated a New Jersey state trooper.

She was involved in a number of bombings and executions of New York City cops, cops in San Francisco, the cops in New Jersey. That’s who they are. That’s what they are about. When I try to explain that to people come over the last two or three years, they didn’t get it. Now in the last few weeks, we learned Susan Rosenberg is one of their fund-raising gurus, let’s say.

Susan Rosenberg, 1985 when you look at the photo, she was convicted of possessing hundreds of pounds of explosives. She was involved in the brink’s robbery where two cops were killed and a security guard were killed. She was involved, her and her organization, the main 19th communist organization, they were involved in a number of police assassinations, bombings. The U.S. Capitol bombing. The naval war college bombing. A number of others in the United States.

She was a radical revolutionary, and she was let out of prison. She was commuted on the last day of president Clinton’s term in office. After 16 years of prison, she was given 58 years in prison. And now she’s out.

Who does she work for? Black lives matter.

I think, I think we are missing something here. I think DOJ should be looking at black lives matter as a terrorist group, as a terrorist organization.

And I think, I find it astounding that all of these U.S. Firms, some 200 that you have chronicled on your show, they are just pounding money into a group that’s all about the overthrow of this government. And if you can’t see it on its face by what they do normally on a daily basis, then you need to start looking at their associates, their inspired errors, and the people around them, because this stuff has been going on since 1960, ‘70, the early ‘80s, these people, these revolutionaries, Marxist revolutionaries wanted to overthrow this country.

Tucker: It’s just amazing that all the rich ladies in aspen and Greenwich think BLM is about ending racism which obviously all of us are for when in fact its revolutionary group may be the U.S. Government can take decisive action and by doing that make it really clear that this is a terror organization.

Kerik: You know what, Tucker? Black lives matter was truly working for black lives, they would be marching tonight in Chicago or Baltimore or Cleveland. I can give you 20 other cities.

Tucker: No, I know. It’s having the opposite effect. Needless to say. Bernie Kerik, thanks so much for that. Great to see you tonight.

Kerik: Thanks, Tucker.

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