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Wisconsin Governor Giving Up On Lockdown Because of GOP Pressure

A week after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Governor Evers had overstepped his authority with his safer at home order, Evers announced he would not be pursuing any more coronavirus restrictions.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a ruling last week that Governor Evers could not extend the stay at home order that was originally issued in March because he did not seek legislative approval.

Governor Evers has decided not to fight the order because he doesn’t think he would get approval from the GOP. At this point he is leaving the decisions to local leaders on how they want to enforce social distancing guidelines.

“The Republicans made it very clear they don’t believe a statewide approach is the right way to go at this point in time. It doesn’t make a lot of sense spending a lot of time doing something we know isn’t going to be successful.”
– Governor Evers

The ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court has allowed the state to reopen which is a huge win for the citizens of Wisconsin.

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