WATCH: The Left Are ‘Working Together to Defeat Law Enforcement’

by America's Keepers on July 12, 2020

By Ray Dietrich

“The safest big city, New York, is now regressing to the bygone days of graffiti, drugs, gangs, guns, murder and mayhem. And you can thank one man, Warren Wilhelm Jr, known today as Bill De Blasio. This is the face of the return of crime. This is the face of the man who without a doubt is the most incompetent, inefficient and inept Mayor to darken the halls of Gracie Mansion.
– Judge Jeanine Pirro

Matt Gaetz: ‘There’s an Attempted Cultural Genocide Going on in America Right Now’

“They’re tearing down Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Fredrick Douglas so this isn’t about slavery or fascism or even race. There is an attempted cultural genocide going on in America right now and it calls for patriots to stand up and say ‘this is a great country. It is worthy of our pride and our defense.’

The left wants us to be ashamed of America so that they can replace America. I love this country and I think that we outta do a lot more to push back against the hate that we’re seeing”
– Matt Gaetz (R) Florida

Dan Bongino: NYC ‘Collapsed into Shambles and Chaos in Just a Few Years’

“I grew up in was raised in New York City and watching this happen, my mother lived up there in my two brothers live up there, one of by best friends lives up there. He just retired. He was a second grade detective at the NYPD and just left.

To watch Americans as the safest and biggest city collapsed into shambles and chaos in just a few years is really gut-wrenching. I mean it’s really hard to watch and that it happened because of tangible touchable material decisions by this complete buffoon de Blasio and his brigade of buffoons around him in the city council. Its disturbing judge.

I have said this three times on the network and I will say it again on your show when I want everyone to listen. If you were trying to destroy New York City, intentionally trying like dark night Gotham Bane style or something would you do anything different than de Blasio is doing now and the answer is Hell no you wouldn’t. You would do exactly what de Blasio is doing.”
– Dan Bongino

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