WATCH: Seattle City Council Looks to Cut Police In Half

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 11, 2020

By Ray Dietrich

Despite concerns from the Seattle Police Chief and the Mayor’s Office, the Seattle City Council is pushing to defund the police department by 50 percent.

Decriminalize Seattle is pushing a plan to the Seattle city council that proposes reallocating funds from the police department to community organizations, and a majority of city council members back the plan.

The plan would slash funding to the Seattle Police Department by $200 million and would replace the current 911 system with a civilian controlled system and would put more money into social service programs.

If the proposed plan goes through the Seattle Police Department would see a loss of 1000 jobs.

“I think it’s rash and irrational to make that decision without having a thoughtful conversation with community members, and I’m hoping that the City Council will rethink the plan to do that — without having a plan for how we’re going to re-envision policing and how it will work.”
– Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

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