(WATCH) Russian Collusion BOMBSHELL: ‘Half The People Involved Are Going To Jail’

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 09, 2020

Lindsey Graham drops a bombshell on Judge Jeanine

Russian Collusion BOMBSHELL ‘Half The People Involved Are Going To Jail’

“We’re not gonna live in a world where as a Republican, you get investigated from the day you get sworn in. Three years later they’re still coming after you. Here’s what amazes me, The Russian Investigation, what happened? Half the people behind the Russian Investigation are going to go to jail and Trump was cleared. Hang tight.

They come after Trump on Ukraine and Biden blows up. Every time they throw a rock at Trump, they get hit.

Here’s what we should look at. Why did the State Department not act when they were told about the conflict of interest with Hunter Biden regarding the Ukraine?

Who is the whistle blower? Does he have contacts on Schiff’s staff? Did Col Vindman leak information to the whistle blower?

And as to the FISA warrant, how could you sign the warrant 4 times and not know the whole thing was off the rails?

That’s where I come in.

I’m going to give a list of witnesses to the Department of Justice that I wanna call. It’s gonna be the case agent. I wanna find out why this thing got so screwed up.

Why didn’t they tell about the Russian source who said the (Steele) dossier is not reliable? How could it be possible that it never goes up to the top?

I want to know what Obama knew about this investigation. I wanna call Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and all the people who worked on this case to find out how it got so off the rails and make sure it never happens again.

Now I wanna know who in the White House knew about this counter intelligence investigation against the Republican nominee.”
– Lindsey Graham

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