WATCH: Jacksonville Officer Slashed In Neck By Rioters

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 31, 2020

Protest in Jacksonville Florida turned violent Saturday night as protesters attacked a number of police officers with one critically injured, fighting for his life.

The protest in Jacksonville started around 3 pm with over a thousand protesters peacefully marching the streets. Within hours though that all changed as the protesters became violent.

Around 6:30 pm about 200 protesters who stuck around began to confront police. One officer was stabbed and is critically injured. He is currently fighting for his life at a nearby hospital.

“They attacked several police officers. They vandalized several police cars, attempting to light them on fire, breaking windows. We have one officer who was stabbed — was slashed in the neck and is currently at the hospital.”
– Sheriff Mike Williams

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Mayor Curry is hoping that today will be more peaceful and currently he is not imposing a curfew.

“I watched it. There were some kids out there making their voices heard, respectfully, and then they left and the folks that are left are — it’s not about peaceful protest. It’s not about reform. It’s not about change. It’s about violence,”
– Mayor Curry

Over the weekend cities across the U.S. experienced countless protest about the death of George Floyd, many of them resulting in violence.

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