(WATCH) Iran Protesters Take To The Streets, Demand Regime Change After Gov Admits Shooting Down Flight 752

by America's Keepers on January 12, 2020

Protesters took to streets in Tehran chanting “Khamenei is a murderer and Khamenei is an illegitimate ruler” on Jan. 11 after the Iranian military admitted to shooting down the Ukranian plane that carried at least 130 Iranian citizens.

The protesters in Iran on Saturday expressed anger at what they perceived as an initial cover-up on the cause of the crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752, which went down shortly after it took off from Tehran early Wednesday.

Protests at the Amirkabir University chanted “Down with the dictator’ and “shame on IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guard], let the country go” while at the Sharif University protesters said, “commander in chief, resign!” It referred to Khamenei.

“They are lying that our enemy is America, our enemy is right here,” dozens of protesters outside a university in Tehran chanted, according to video clips posted on Twitter.

Scores of demonstrators were also shown gathered in other cities.
Iran was on high alert at the time, hours after launching ballistic missiles at U.S. forces in Iraq in a strike that caused no casualties. That missile strike was in retaliation for a U.S. operation that killed powerful Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. 

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by Martin Medina on January 13, 2020

I hope the every day Iranian people like us in America only want to feed ,educate,our children to be peace loving people that one day we both will be able to travel and vacation in Iran like people do in France,Germany,Italy etc. ect.
If any regular Iranians are reading this. I want to let them know. The Iranians that have moved here to America are nice and loving and are making money and educating their children. If you want like they have it here. Be safe in your travel to America.