WATCH: Dozens of Louisville Police Officers Walk Out On Mayer After Being Disrespected

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 05, 2020

As the Mayor of Louisville stood before police officers at the start of their shift, they silently left the room as a form of protest.

As protest in Louisville have been going on for days, police officers have been working tirelessly as protesters throw objects at them including bricks, Molotov cocktails, fireworks, bottles filled with gasoline, urine and vomit.

The officers feel completely unsupported by the leadership in the city. Dozens of officers walked out on the mayor as a form of protest demonstrating the disrespect that they have felt from the administration.

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“They feel completely unsupported and disrespected by this administration. They feel whatever he was going to say would have been nothing more than lip service, and he does not care about them at all.”
– FOP President Ryan Nichols

Mayor Fischer responded to the officers walking out.

“The men and women of LMPD are putting in long hours. They are suffering insults and assaults from people they are working to protect. They are worried for their families and this city.”
“They are frustrated, and some of them expressed that frustration today. I absolutely respect that. That doesn’t change my appreciation of the work they are doing, as I’ve expressed time and again. They have a very difficult job. I hope our residents will embrace our police officers as guardians –I know that’s how the vast, vast majority view their role,”
– Mayor Fischer

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