(WATCH) Concealed Carrier Saves Lives, Ends Robbery with Head Shots In Brazil [GRAPHIC]

by America's Keepers on January 11, 2020

A successful self-defensive gun use is one that stops the threat at hand. In this incident, I don't think the robber even knew what was happening before he hit the ground.

Security footage from Brazil shows a concealed carrier quickly end an armed
robbery attempt inside a local post office. The Brazilian concealed carrier puts multiple rounds directly into the head of the robber, dramatically stopping the threat.

While the action only lasts for a few seconds, there is much to take from this video.

Unconfirmed reports call the defensive shooter an off-duty officer or military police officer. Regardless, the fatal shooting illustrates the importance of carrying at all times. The entire incident lasts mere seconds. And in this situation, the strong-side carry proved to be the advantage required to overtake an assailant with gun already in-hand.

Even more remarkable is the sheer speed at which the attack happens. From the time the armed robber walks into the building, only roughly six seconds transpire before the concealed carrier pulls his gun and fires. So in six seconds, the man recognizes the threat, moves his hand discreetly to his waistband, and draws his pistol. Footage shows him reacquire the gun to gain a better grip. Then he moves swiftly and fires into the gunman.

The other key fact that stands out is the conviction shown by the concealed carrier. Once he decides to fire, he keeps on firing until the suspect remains down. The concealed carrier then keeps firing until the threat is completely down and out on the ground.


by Edward Johnston on January 13, 2020

Don’t live in liberal commie new york

by Nosduh sllew on January 12, 2020

this all looks perfect, however doing this in Nrw York would put me in court with a million dollar attorney and multimillion civil suites from the robbers family.