WATCH: Chicago Mayor Blames COVID For Increase In Murders & Shootings

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 11, 2020

By Zach Heilman

Instead of taking ownership for her lack of leadership, Mayor Lightfoot blamed the increase in crime in Chicago on the coronavirus.

Chicago has seen a drastic increase in crime as violence spreads throughout the city. In the last weekend in June 18 people were killed, 3 of them minors. Over the July 4th weekend 67 people were shot and 13 of them killed.

 “All of these forces are coming together at the same time and making it very difficult. The ecosystem of public safety that isn’t just law enforcement but is local, community-based, they, too, have really been hit hard by COVID and are now just kind of coming back online and getting their footing.”
– Mayor Lightfoot

While violent crime has been drastically rising in Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot has utilized a tremendous amount of police resources to focus her attention on lesser “crimes” such as places of worship holding in person services.

A few day before Lightfoot blamed the Coronavirus, she was on CNN blaming gun violence on a lack of healthcare, jobs, schools and investments…

Mayor Lightfoot is not the only one refusing to take responsibility for the increase in crime. Mayor DeBlasio also blamed the increase in crime in New York City on the coronavirus as well.

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