Wannabe Customer Orders 'F**K The Police!' Back Plate From Milspin, Their Response...Drop Mic!!!

by America's Keepers on January 10, 2020

Allow us to introduce you to Milspin. Milspin is a veteran owned business and was founded by the Peters brothers, Chet & Dane. They're unapologetically patriotic Marines who run a small  metal fabrication shop in Columbus Ohio.

They love our military, veteran and law enforcement communities, just like we do.

Recently Milspin received an order to design an engraving that simply read:

“F%&# the police!”

As is the standard response, customer service reaches out to the customer and politely provides them a refund, an order cancellation and a reason for the refund.

He also said that with all of the refunds and cancellations they provide, they have never had anyone fire back a response.

Until this week.

Here was the e-mail that Milspin sent out...

Sean responded...

And now for the EPIC Mic Drop response from Milspin...

Now that is what customer service reps typically can only dream about.

We at America's Keepers are always happy to hear about companies that stand up for what they believe in. Well done Milspin. We salute you

Check out some of their products by clicking on the awesome picture below...


by Mike on January 12, 2020

Great job guys,keep up the good work.

by Jeff Ash on January 12, 2020

I want to thank your Company for the support of Law enforcement. Sometimes the “chain of command folds to public pressure and am glad this was not the case. I am in law enforcement and we support any business that supports us. Thanks again

by Dale Heizer on January 11, 2020

I love it keep up the good work

by Adam on January 10, 2020

Stay true brothers! God bless !