(VIDEOS) Reopen Your Biz In Oregon? Gov Sends CPS To Investigate Biz Owner Parents

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 17, 2020

Numerous government agencies in Oregon have been harassing Salon owner, Lindsey Graham for opening her business to support her family.

During a press conference on Friday Lindsey Graham the owner of Glamour Salon in Salem Oregon informed the public that various government agencies including child protective services have been harassing her for opening her business.

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The salon owner reopened her business so that she could take care of herself and her family. After defying the state’s unconstitutional stay at home order she has received visits from multiple authorities.

“And, if you can possibly believe this, on May 7th, Child Protective Services showed up at my home. They questioned my husband and I. They questioned my child, without me present. They searched our home. And I’ve never expected such a violent, aggressive, vindictive thing ever could have been done to me or my family because I’m trying to earn a living, because I’m trying to work.” 
– Lindsey Graham

The reasons for Child Protective Services conducting an investigation are random and there has been no proof that Graham’s children are in any danger.

“So it was a completely false claim and if they don’t pursue a false claim and there are actually children out there that are being abused by their families, then they’re wasting their time investigating me because Kate Brown doesn’t like me, that’s pretty devastating. This is a false claim that wasted CPS’ valuable time when there are children who are really in need.”
– Lindsey Graham

In addition to child protective services conducting an investigation, Graham has also been hit with a $14,000 fine by Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The state’s licensing board has also threatened to take away the license of anyone who is working at the salon which would prevent the stylist from working in their profession anywhere in the state.

Despite the harassment Graham plans to stay open as long as possible so that she can support herself and her family.

“I’m bound to stay open as long as I can until the government basically tries to take my entire career, something I’ve worked 15 years for, out from underneath me. That’s the most harmful thing they could have done and I think that’s why they did it.”
– Lindsey Graham

The whole fiasco could be resolved by Governor Brown allowing businesses to open back up.

“I believe that if she would let her people work and earn a living and let us do it safely and let us be adults, consenting adults that know how to take of ourselves and take care of each other. We’re humans. We have compassion for each other. We’re gonna look out for each other. We know how to do that. If she would just allow us to do that – I don’t want anyone to get sick. I know you guys don’t want anyone to get sick, but I also don’t want to go bankrupt and lose everything I’ve worked for. So let’s be active, mature, caring, sensitive to other people. Let’s open our business and be conscious. Let’s all be able to maintain our livelihood. If she would let us do that there would be no issue.”
– Lindsey Graham

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