(VIDEOS) ‘Peaceful Protesters’ Attack NYPD, Cause MAYHEM in de Blasio’s NYC Streets

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 03, 2020

Outside of a Zara store in Manhattan a protester attacked a looter as he screamed at him, “You are not a black ally.”

A protester in Manhattan became enraged at looters who were storming through a Zara store. The protester was screaming at the group when he went and ran up to a smaller protester and used a judo move to throw him to the ground.

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The protesters had the looter pinned to the ground when a crowd ran up to the group to pull the protester off the looter to prevent the incident from escalating. A video of the incident was posted on social media.

“YES! This is what we need. Those that are for the #GeorgeFloyd cause need to take back their voice. Tell these people they are drowning out your voice with their lawless behavior!”
– Tweet from sarahsmiles1252

Meanwhile in the Bronx protesters set fires, looted stores and attacked police officers.

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Outside of a Claire’s store an officer was attacked.

New York City has implemented a curfew but it seems to be having little effect on the violence that is breaking out across the city.

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