(VIDEOS) NFL Approves ‘Hypocrite’ Bloomberg Gun Control Ad, Banned Pro Second Amendment Ad

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 02, 2020

Mike Bloomberg surrounds himself with armed bodyguards but also wants to take away your 2nd Amendment rights

What does the NFL stand for?

Are they anti police? Are they anti Second Amendment? You decide.

“In 2014 The NFL Rejected Daniel Defense’s Pro-Second Amendment super bowl ad.

According to the NFL, they rejected the ad because it promoted Firearms.

No, it promoted the Second Amendment and Self Defense. Daniel Defense even said they’d take down the image of the gun in the logo and replace it with an American flag, and the NFL still said no.

But, when Mike “I want to be Senator Palpatine” Bloomberg wants to run an anti-secondment ad, they rolled out the red carpet.

I can’t stand the way Bloomberg exploits the black condition in America.

Bloomberg doesn’t care about young black men dying, Because if he did, he’d be spending 10 million in our inner cities to provide economic opportunities, fix the broken educational system, and poverty to prison pipeline that drives the vast majority of the violence in our inner cities.

Instead, he uses this woman and her pain as a black shield against any valid criticism against his anti-second amendment agenda.

For crying out loud, this is the same man responsible for the unconstitutional Stop and Frisk laws in New York that only targeted young black men and people of color.

Now he’s paying 10 million to push a gun control ad about a black woman and her son.

The same son who if he were alive today, Bloomberg would have stopped and frisked and if God forbid was exercising his second amendment rights would have thrown in jail and have his life ruined.

Come on people think, where do you think he’s going to enforce these gun control laws?

In the inner cities against black men and people of color just like he did in New York.

Thus taking another black man out of the home, creating the very same broken home dynamic that’s causing the violence in the inner cities in the first place.

Stop letting these fake white savior complex having passive racist who doesn’t do anything for your community when it matters use you to take away the very same rights that your ancestors died trying to get.

No man or woman black, white green or yellow who tells you to get rid of your guns are your friends.

I don’t care how many times he says it, Bloomberg’s goal is not “Reasonable Gun Control” his goal is to turn the entire United States of America into New York, and last I checked, there are no gun rights in New York because they were gutted by Bloomberg, and now he’s trying to do the same thing in your state.”
– Colin Noir

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