(VIDEOS) New York Bail Reform Creating Backlash Among the Democratic Party

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 14, 2020

The New York Bail Reform which went into effect on January 1, 2020 is putting stress on law enforcement and prosecutors across the state creating a massive political battle.

De Blasio Admits NYC Crime Spike is Linked to Bail Reform

The New York Bail Reform allows offenders of misdemeanors, nonviolent felonies and even some violet felonies to be immediately released back into the community until trial. The judge can put some limitations on these offenders like travel restrictions or electronic monitoring.

The result of the new law has allowed offenders to be released and go out and commit crimes within the same week only to be released again.

Under the new law prosecutors and law enforcement only have 15 days to present all of their evidence to defense attorneys. The result is prosecutors and law enforcement working long days, weekends and holidays.

There seems to be a debate among the Democratic Party about whether or not changes should be made to the new law. Leaders in the State Senate meant earlier this week to discuss changes which surprised members of the Democratic Assembly.

“I don’t need any fake-ass legislators allowing fear-mongering, We will not go back on bail.”
– Michael Blake Bronx Democrat Assemblyman

Supporters of the new law feel it was necessary. It will allow thousands of defendants in jail awaiting trial to return home and 90% of new offenders to stay home while they are awaiting trial.

However those who oppose the law feel that it is potentially dangerous and allows the immediate release of offenders who have committed robbery, stalking, assault, and drug offenses to be back on the street potentially resulting in an increase in crime.

Here’s several horrific cases in point…

NY State Mess Did New Pre Trial Rules Get A Witness Killed By MS 13?

The anti police sentiment and policy from Democrat politicians has led to multiple disgraceful acts of protest, vandalism, violence and even insulting songs being sung at a Bernie Sanders rally just days after there were 2 assassination attempts on NYPD officers

ANTIFA ‘F The Police’ Protest Threatens NYPD Cops, Transit and General Public Safety
(Compilation) ANTIFA Storm New York Subways, Scuffles Ensue and Arrests Made
Anti Police Song by The Strokes at Bernie Sanders Rally Days After 2 Assassination Attempts on NYPD
NYPD 2 Cop Assassination Attempts in 12 Hours
UPDATE: NYPD Cop Shooter Arraigned, Wounded Officer Leaving Hospital Gives Thumbs Up

Not to mention this crazy case where Suspects in $7 Million Fentanyl Ring, Released Under New York Bail Reform

Ray Dietrich and Randy Sutton take on tough law enforcement topics. This clip is all about the absolutely dangerous and stupid NY State Bail Reform
Thin Blue Line Show Home

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