(VIDEOS) ANTIFA Terrorists Attack Police In Portland

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 03, 2020

In Portland protests and riots continued into early Friday morning becoming increasingly violent as police ordered the crowd to disperse.

Chaos continued near the federal courthouse in downtown Portland as the crowd started fires, threw rocks at police, pointed lasers and used slingshots to hit police with various objects.

Police declared the situation a riot and ordered the crowd to disperse or officers would be forced to use crowd control weapons.

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The crowd attacked officers for hours and anytime an officer tried to calm the crowd they would take photos and videos to post on social media declaring police brutality.

This is the 2nd riot in Portland over the course of three days. The first riot broke out on Tuesday night.

“Engaging in criminal activity including vandalism and property damage is not peaceful demonstration. We ask for the public’s help in identifying and sharing information about those responsible so they can be held accountable.”
– Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell

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