(VIDEOS) 7 People Shot At Breonna Taylor Protests In Louisville

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 29, 2020

At least seven people were shot as Hundreds of Protesters gathered at City Hall in Louisville KY to demand justice for Breonna Taylor who was killed by police back in March.

Hours after the 911 call was released that Taylor’s boyfriend made on March 13 protest broke out in Louisville as people demanded justice. The 911 call was placed just moments after Taylor had been shot eight times by narcotics detectives. No drugs were ever found in the home.

Federal and state officials are reviewing the police department’s investigation. The police chief has retied since the incident and the officers involved have been put on leave but have not been disciplined.

Hundred of protesters marched in Louisville for over six hours. At some point shots fired. Seven people were shot during the gunfire and it appears all the shots came from civilians. Police officers did not discharge their weapons. At least one of the people shot is in critical condition.

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Shortly after midnight Mayor Fischer tweeted a video supposedly from Taylor’s family.

“Louisville, thank you so much for saying Breonna’s name tonight. We are not going to stop until we get justice. But we should stop tonight before people get hurt. Please go home, be safe and be ready to keep fighting.”

– Excerpt from the video

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by JanetBowman on September 21, 2020

Checking a post about cops being shot in Louisville Ky. Can’t find post here that was posted to Facebook. Help!