VIDEO: Wyoming Proposes Bill Banning Gun Buyback Programs

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 15, 2020

A bill in Wyoming is moving through the house to ban gun buyback programs.

Wyoming Proposes Bill Banning Gun Buyback Programs

The proposed bill called House Bill 28 passed the House Judiciary Committee on a vote of 8-1 on Friday afternoon. However the bill needs to be passed on two more readings before it would go to the Senate.

No city, town, county, political subdivision, state agency or entity or any other governmental entity shall operate a firearm buyback program or participate in the implementation, administration or operation of a firearm buyback program.”
– House Bill 28

Worland Republican Rep. Mike Greear supports the bill

“This is the only bill I’m co-sponsoring. This basically says we will not allow taxpayer money to be used to buy back firearms. It’s a statement bill,”
– Mike Greear

While gun buyback programs are aimed to get guns off the streets, the majority of the guns turned in for minimal compensation are ones that have been left behind from loved ones that people no longer wish to have.

The reality is gun buyback programs do not work to get guns out of the hands of criminals. No criminal is going to come hand in their gun for $25.

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