(VIDEO) Trump Trolls Pelosi While Signing Landmark USMCA Trade Deal

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 01, 2020

YUGE political win opens doors for increasing the job market boom

In the largest trade deal in the history of the world, USMCA covers more than 1.3 trillion dollars in business. This is already the 2nd major trade deal secured by the administration this year. On January 15th, Trump signed ‘Phase 1’ of the China Trade deal after months of negotiations between Beijing and Washington DC.

These 2 deals come on the heels of 2 others. On January 1st, trade deals went into effect with both The European and Japan.

“You’re going to see more jobs all across the economy, in the automobile sector, in the agricultural sector and of course in the energy sector as well.”
– Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette

“We are finally ending the NAFTA nightmare. This is a colossal victory for our farmers and ranchers. Everybody said this was a deal that could not be done, but we got it done.”
– Donald Trump

Is it any wonder you rarely ever hear any Democrats bring up the economy?

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