(VIDEO) Trump Admin Launches Website to Increase School Safety Across the U.S.

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 11, 2020

On Monday the Trump administration launched a website that will serve as a one stop shop to help promote school safety across the United States.

Trump Admin Launches Website to Increase School Safety Across the U S

Schoolsafety.gov is a website created for parents, students, educators and law enforcement to provide resources to address various issues in schools including mental health services, threat assessment, emergency planning and physical safety.

President Trump had established the Federal Commission on School Safety to address these types of needs in our schools and develop plans on how to increase safety in our education system.

“School safety is the number one priority of parents across the country, which is why the President directed DHS and other federal agencies to form a taskforce and provide schools, teachers, parents, and law enforcement with resources to identify, prepare for, respond to, and mitigate threats. The Department provided expertise and resources on a range of school safety issues including threat assessments, physical security, emergency planning, and trainings and exercises designed to help schools and local law enforcement prepare for incidents. With these resources, schools and law enforcement will be better equipped to handle a crisis.”
– Chad Wolf, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security


The website was launched on Monday to commemorate the second anniversary of the Parkland School shooting this week that killed 17 people and was one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history.

President Trump meant with several of the families of the victims from the Parkland School shooting on Monday to go over the website. One of the parents praised the website as a step forward.

“It’s the most significant action government has taken to educate schools … to prevent acts of targeted violence. I want every principal to go on this website. You can have the key to everlasting life, but if nobody knows about it, it doesn’t do any good.”
– Max Schachter, father of Parkland School Shooting victim

The Department of Homeland Security has highlighted some of the essential features of schoolsafety.gov

  • The School Safety Readiness Tool, an assessment that assists users in evaluating their respective school’s safety posture across ten foundational elements of school safety. After completing the assessment, users are provided an action plan with task prioritization, options for consideration, aligned resources, and grant opportunities specific to individual needs;
  • A Secure Information Sharing Platform for designated school personnel to share school safety ideas, practices, plans, and tactics in a protected environment; and
  • A wide array of resources and best practices on key school safety topics to assist with building awareness within the school community to promote vigilance and build capacity to respond to incidents.

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