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(VIDEO) Suspended NFL Star Antonio Brown Goes Off In Racist, Anti Police Tirade In Front Of His Kids

NFL free agent Antonio Brown Is back at it again. Disgraced NFL wide receiver lashed out at his ex, Chelsie Kyriss, who allegedly attempted to try to steal his car by throwing a bag of gummy penises towards her and the police who responded to the scene outside his home in Hollywood, FL.

As Brown got into a confrontation with ex-girlfriend Kyriss and Hollywood Police he livestreamed the encounter. It appears Brown’s children are present as the wide receiver yelled profanities at police and Kyriss, accusing her of trying to steal a Bentley that was parked in his driveway after coming to pick up her kids for school.

As the confrontation continue Brown yells out multiple profanities.“She’s f–king trash, take the trash to jail,” He also called Kyriss, who appears calm throughout Brown’s Instagram videos, a “broke a– whore” and calls the police “pussies” for not taking the action against Kyriss he was hoping for.

The former New England Patriots wide receiver filmed the incident on Instagram as police responded to the scene and began questioning him, he got angrier. A sergeant then asked whether Brown had gifted the car to Kyriss.

“I’m telling you this is my f—–g car,” Brown said. “This car is registered [to] Antonio Brown, you want me to show you it? You guys already know that.”

Brown informed police that he had filed a restraining order against Kyriss and pleaded with officers to to put her in jail for allegedly trying to steal his car. Brown also told police that Kyriss had been evicted from his home and was only allowed on the property to get the kids’ clothes and to take them to school

Brown has been accused by his former trainer, Britney Tailor, of sexual assault on three different occasions and she has filed a civil suit against the former NFL Player. These allegation came to light three days after Brown received a deal from the New England Patriots and the same day that he was cut by the Raiders. Brown has been out of the NFL since September when he was cut by the New England Patriots.


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