VIDEO: Sheriffs Speak Out Against Maryland Becoming a Sanctuary State

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 18, 2020

Three Sheriffs speak out at a proposed bill aimed to make Maryland a sanctuary state which has already passed through the House and now sits at the State Senate Committee.

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The proposed bill in Maryland would prevent law enforcement from doing any work surrounding federal immigration. The proposed law would make it illegal to ask criminals about immigration status, notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement that someone they wanted was in custody and they could not turn over a prisoner to ICE without a warrant.

Sheriffs Gahler, Jenkins, and Adams all oppose the bill and went to Annapolis to provide testimony to law makers about the success of the programs they participate in with ICE and how the proposed bill would be detrimental.

“We wanna make Maryland a sanctuary state a haven where drug dealers, drug distributors and drug traffickers can come in and set up shop? It’s not going to happen on our watch, come hell or high water we will stand our ground,”
-Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis.

“The folks that are coming into this country illegally are coming from the most violent countries on the face of this earth and believe me they’re bringing the violence with them,”
– Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Since the implementation of a program where law enforcement has been trained by ICE to identify illegal immigrant criminals who are in the county lock up, 44 criminals have been identified as being here illegally and four of those individuals are MS-13 gang members.

“This program allows local detention center officers, working under ICE supervision, to identify and process for removal those individuals who are in the country illegally and booked for another crime. Once an individual is identified, ICE determines the course of action related to any immigration action. Those individuals identified as having the highest priority are those individuals who present a threat to public safety.”
– Sheriff Gahler

One of the proposed bills was heard before the Judiciary Committee today and the other is scheduled for some time next month.

Governor Hogan has stated if the bill does pass the State Senate Committee he will veto the bill as soon as it gets to his desk

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