(VIDEO) Rioters Firebomb State Police Headquarters in Atlanta

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 07, 2020

By Zach Heilman

Early Sunday morning the Georgia State Police’s Headquarters was vandalized and set on fire by violent protesters.

Shortly after 1 am on July 5, a group of violent protesters wearing masks attacked the Georgia State Police’s headquarters with bricks, Molotov cocktails and fireworks.

“They were armed with bricks, landscaping bricks, Molotov cocktails, fireworks. Their one mission was to destruct property and that is exactly what they did,” 
– Georgia State Police Spokeswoman Lieutenant Stephanie L. Stallings

At one point the group launched a firework through a window of the headquarters which resulted in a small fire inside the building. Two employees who were inside the building put out the fire. Both had to be transported to the local hospital for smoke inhalation.

The protesters also vandalized police cars and spray painted “KKK” and “Death by oppression” on the outside of the building.

This is just one of many acts of violence that has broken out in Atlanta after the death of Rayshard Brooks.

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