(VIDEO) Redneck Suggests Shutting Down The Police For 30 Days

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 07, 2020
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“Yeah so a lot of you dipshit damn panty waste son of a bitches wanna damn defund the damn police department. Well I’ll tell ya what, we can do better than that. Let’s just do away with them altogether. Let’s do a one month damn trial period. Let’s let you deal with a bunch of redneck son’s of bitches like me. Cuz imma tell ya something, people like me and my damn crowd, we don’t own tasers and we don’t own rubber bullets and we don’t own damn… all that panty waste shit. We just have real fucking guns that shoot real fucking bullets and we have a real fucking attitude towards dipshits like you. So let’s just do that one month damn trial period and let’s see how quick it takes for you to want that fucking police department to come back into the fucking picture.
– Redneck Son of a Bitch

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