(VIDEO) Police Shut Down Youth Baseball Practice in Appleton Wisconsin

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 09, 2020

A youth travel organization based out of Appleton Wisconsin was holding practice when they were told to disperse despite adhering to social distancing because of Governor Evers’ safer at home order

Police received multiple 911 calls about a group of kids playing baseball out on a practice field in Appleton Wisconsin. Police arrived at the park to find kids enjoying a beautiful spring day, playing baseball and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

However because the park is closed due to the safer at home order in place for Wisconsin the kids were told to get off of the field

“The officer came, he said we had multiple calls to the station and that people were complaining that there were kids out on the field, playing baseball,”
– Rick Cavaiani, owner and operator of Cavaiani Baseball Training.

A nearby neighbor decided to check out what was going on and captured the encounter on video.

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The baseball team had come together to hold an optional practice

“The bases are 90 feet apart, the pitching mound to the home plate is 60 feet, six inches. How long can we tell them that they can’t go out and do anything? How long is this gonna go? Is this gonna go through the summer? The fall? Is it gonna be when a kid kills himself? I mean, when is enough, enough?”
– Rick Cavaiani

Apparently neighbors of the local park call 911 almost daily to report people enjoying the beautiful weather. Apparently being outdoors with friends has now become a crime in some areas of the United States

This isn’t the first incident in Wisconsin where the cops are enforcing unconstitutional orders and trying to keep kids from playing together

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