(VIDEO) Pelosi’s Week Just Got Worse, GALLUP: U.S. Personal Finance Optimism At Record High

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 06, 2020

While stock markets regularly hit record highs, about 6 in 10 say they’re better off than last year and roughly 3 in 4 predict they will be better off financially a year from now

Pelosi’s Week Just Got Worse, GALLUP U S Personal Finance Optimism At Record High

Nancy Pelosi is having a really bad week as Trump delivered an amazing State of the Union speech that had her visibly scowling with Trump Derangement Syndrome before she tore his speech up on national television. It later came out that she had even thought about doing so beforehand and it wasn’t just an emotional spur of the moment type deal. That was just her Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Trump was acquitted and cleared of 2 Impeachment Charges.

Also on Wednesday, to top it all off, GALLUP released it’s survey results from a survey that was conducted between Jan. 2 and 15. The results were clear even though there was a 4% margin of error among the 1,014 U.S. adults surveyed in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

We almost forgot to mention, The S&P 500 also posted a record closing high on Wednesday as U.S. stocks rallied for a third straight day on encouraging U.S. economic data. (Rueters)

“Given today’s highly politically polarized environment, it is perhaps not surprising that Republicans and Democrats see their personal finances differently. There is a 33-percentage-point gap between Republicans’ (76%) and Democrats’ (43%) reports of being financially better off today than they were a year ago.

There is also a partisan gap when it comes to optimism about one’s future finances, though it is smaller than the difference seen in attitudes toward current conditions. Among Republicans, 83% say their personal financial situation will be better in a year, compared with 60% of Democrats.

Independents fall in between on both measures, with 58% saying they are better off now than a year ago and 76% reporting they will be better off next year.”

Based on the above quote directly from GALLUP, is it safe to say that Republicans are a more optimistic bunch than their Democrat counterparts?

Sounds like those people would be more fun to be around, right?

I mean just take a look at Nancy’s faces from the last 2 State of the Union addresses for a minute and I’d bet you’d agree.

BOTTOM LINE: Trump’s economy is BOOMING and the American people are winning at an even better rate than the Dot Com era.


“59% of Americans say they are better off financially than they were a year ago, the highest level in the history of Gallup polling”
“About three in four U.S. adults (74%) predict they will be better off financially a year from now, the highest in Gallup’s trend since 1977”
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