VIDEO: Mass Shooting at Molson/Coors in Milwaukee

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 26, 2020

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel seven people are reportedly dead after a shooting at the Molson Coors in Milwaukee.

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Milwaukee police responded to a critical incident today at the Molson Coors. An employee at the facility received an email that there was a shooter in a nearby building.

A spokesman for Molson Coors did confirm there was an active shooter but did not provide anymore details. Emergency Personnel continued responding to the scene more than two hours after the initial phone call to police.

Live video from the scene shows police gearing up in body armor armed with assault rifles and helicopters hovering nearby.

Multiple schools in the area are locked down as a precautionary measure while parents wait for the all clear to pick up their kids.

The gunman is reportedly dead and no information has been provided about the individuals who were shot

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