(VIDEO) ‘Kayak Cop’ Saves Dog Trapped In Muddy NJ Pond

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 10, 2020

A Washington Township police officer paddled a kayak out into the middle of a pond to rescue a dog trapped in the muck.

Officers responded to a call about a dog who was in distress on Wednesday. When they arrived they discovered Akela trapped in the middle of the pond.

Officer John Kuligowski grabbed a nearby kayak and made his way out to help the dog. Kuligowski was unable to get the dog into the kayak, but helped guide the dog out of the pond back to safety.

Akela was not injured during the incident and even managed to pose for some photos.

“Akela was in high spirits after her ordeal and even posed for a few quick pictures before being turned over to Animal Control Solutions,”
– Washington Township Police Department

At the time of the incident police were not able to find Akela’s owners and are asking anyone with information about her to contact Animal Control Solutions or the Washington Township Police Department.

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