(VIDEO) Fresno City Councilman Could Face Charges After Getting Physical With Protesters At His Apartment

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 13, 2020

A Tuesday protest in Fresno California turned violent when protesters showed up at city council president Miguel Arias’s home

As more and more California residents become fed up with the stay at home orders protesters gathered outside of Arias’ apartment. Protesters were demanding that businesses reopen and that social distancing guidelines be lifted.

The protest turned violent when Council man Miguel Arias shoved one of the protesters.

Arias claims that one of the protesters was trying to enter his home.

“I’ve never had somebody violate — not only did they go into private property that’s gated that requires security to get through, but they showed up to my front door and banged on my front door,”
– Miguel Arias

A video captured the incident which shows protesters with microphones and cameras arguing with Arias at his front door at which point he shoves one of the protesters.

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The people who came to protest claimed they just wanted to have a talk with Arias about businesses reopening since many of them are experiencing financial hardship. Arias claims that his private residence is not the place to have these discussions.

“I asked him to leave, I told him this wasn’t the place, this was my home, and he refused to do it, so I moved him out of the way and I escorted him down the stairs. Folks didn’t want to give way to my private property, so I moved them out of the way.”
– Miguel Arias

Arias was cited by police after they had significant evidence for three counts of assault. Police are still trying to investigate if anyone was trying to break into his home.

This incident comes on the heels of the ‘Waffle Shop’ incident on Mothers Day…

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