(VIDEO) Fallen Firefighter’s Families Sue York Building Owner

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 01, 2020

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in York County Courthouse on Thursday by the estates of two firefighters who died battling a fire at Weaver Piano & Organ Company back in March of 2018

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Ivan Flanscha and Zach Anthony died battling the fire at the building located at 127 North Broad Street.

The lawsuit alleges that the building owner of Weaver Warehouse LLC, Matthew Steinkamp along with Steinkamp Construction had a duty to ensure that the project was running safely and conditions at the site were safe. It also states they had a duty to ensure “items weren’t stored there that could constitute a hazardous fuel load in case of fire.”

The lawsuit also list foremen/project superintendents Paul and Anthony Caldwell as defendants.

There are multiple allegations in the lawsuit including the storage of combustible items stored on the first floor, an inappropriate fire warning and suppression system, and multiple tornado heaters at the site which had a faulty electrical system.

“Conditions that existed in the building in the days before the fire increased the risk that a fire would be unintentionally initiated and then spread quickly throughout the building.”


There is also a pending lawsuit against Joshua Carney of Carney Engineering Corp who inspected the building the day after the fire and stated that it was safe for firefighters to enter.

Flanscha and Anthony entered the building after being told it was safe and the upper floor collapsed causing them to fall to the ground and die. Two other firefighters fell as well but they survived the fall.

According to the lawsuit the defendants are seeking an award in the excess of $50,000

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