(VIDEO) De Blasio ‘Rules For You, Not For Us’, Confronted In Park 11 Miles From Home

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 27, 2020

While New Yorkers are ordered to stay at home and only go out for essential activities, NYC Mayor DeBlasio decided the order didn’t apply to him as he took a stroll this afternoon at Brooklyn park that is 11 miles from his home

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As Mayor DeBlasio was out enjoying a beautiful spring day he was caught on video from a twitter user who decided to capture the moment. All New Yorkers are told they must stay home. While outdoor exercise can be considered necessary residents must exercise within very close proximity to where they live.

Mayor DeBlasio has recently told NYC residents to avoid parks and recreational areas. However it became apparent today that he is an exception to those guidelines.

The Twitter user captured DeBlasio and his wife enjoying a beautiful day in Brooklyn Park. Many New Yorkers are frustrated with the stay at home order, but if they don’t comply they can face criminal charges. However if you happen to be a political leader those orders and consequences don’t seem to apply.

Maybe New York would be closer to opening if the Mayor could listen to his own orders instead of picking and choosing what ones apply to him.

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