VIDEO: Bloomberg Opens Campaign Office In Idaho, Gun Owners Rally Outside

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 17, 2020

Nearly 400 armed citizens stood outside Democrat candidate Mike Bloomberg’s campaign office.

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In one of the most gun friendly and ‘red’ states, it’s odd to see Bloomberg ‘set up shop’ even though one of his anti-gun propaganda groups, Moms Demand Action, has been operating in the state for years.

  • They tried and failed to stop Constitutional Carry in 2016.
  • They tried and failed to stop the codification of Stand-Your-Ground in 2018.
  • They also failed to stop the expansion of Constitutional Carry in 2019.

Moms Demand Actions supports banning the AR-15 and other modern sporting rifles, banning your magazines, eliminating Constitutional Carry, eliminating Stand-Your-Ground, implementing Universal Gun Registration, and more.

Greg Pruett of the Boise based gun rights group, The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, organized the rally to let Bloomberg know that his progressive, anti constitutional polices won’t be tolerated by many Idahoans.

“We are out here today with gun owners who wanted to come and exercise their first amendment rights and let Micheal Bloomberg know we don’t like his gun control here in the state of Idaho. We are not fans of Michael Bloomberg as a number of groups he has been using to destroy the second amendment.”
– Greg Pruett, rally organizer and President of The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

“This is our constitution, that is my weapon, this is my wife standing behind me with the American flag, and we are here to tell Mike Bloomberg that he’s not going to take any of these things away from us.” – Russ Smerz, Idaho gun owner

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