VIDEO: 90 Minute C.H.P. Chase Ends With 5 Arrests in East L.A.

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 24, 2020

Sunday evening a high speed chase ensued through the San Gabriel Valley into East Los Angeles ending in the Commerce area.

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5 assault suspects who were driving an SUV took police on a lengthy chase through surface streets and highways going as fast as 90 mph.

The incident started with a report of an assault involving a knife was reported at a cemetery in Whittier.

While responding to the call the police came across a black SUV when someone in the SUV pointed a gun at them. The chase started from there. The SUV sped through streets, on and off the 605 freeway and through residential neighborhoods.

Police followed the SUV with both ground units and helicopters. The SUV drove erratically in desperation to avoid the police. Eventually the vehicle hopped onto the 710 freeway and the 10 and ultimately the chase ended in a residential neighborhood of Commerce.

The suspects then attempted to flee on foot and were eventually apprehended.

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