(VIDEO) 3 Men & A Teen Savagely Attack On Police Officer In London

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 12, 2020

In Hackney East London three men and a thirteen year old boy have been arrested for attacking a police officer on the street.

An East London police officer was attacked by four individuals and footage of the incident went viral on social media. The officer was attempting to restrain a man when he went down on the ground with him. The man puts his hand over the police officers mouth and then the other individuals start kicking the officer.

Four individuals were arrested including a thirteen year old boy and they have all been charged with assault.

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“It’s pleasing to report that following an investigation into Tuesday’s incident in Frampton Park Road, three men and a 13 yr old boy have been charged with assaulting emergency workers. They will attend court today. Thank you so much for your messages of support.”
– Hackney Police Department

Many authorities condemned the footage and were disgusted with what happened to the officer. All four individuals who were arrested and will go before Thames Magistrates’ Court.

“We are not society’s punchbags. We have families we want to go home to at the end of every shift. But the dangers are stark, and seemingly escalating.”
-Ken March chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation

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