(VIDEO) 2 ‘Protesters’ Hit By Car While Blocking The Road In Seattle

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 04, 2020

As protesters continued to block highways for the 19th night in a row in Seattle, two protesters were hit overnight by a vehicle entering the highway from an exit ramp.

Police blocked certain entrances to Interstate 5 in Seattle shortly before midnight on July 3. Shortly after the highway was shutdown protesters marched onto the highway.

A driver of a jaguar attempted to get around three vehicles that were purposely positioned by protesters to block three lanes. Video captured the incident which shows the driver going onto the shoulder of the highway to get around the vehicles where he hit two female protesters.

Other protesters are seen trying to get out of the way to avoid being hit.

Both women who were hit are thrown into the air from the impact of the vehicle before they fall to the ground.

Both of the protesters who were hit sustained serious injuries and are being treated at Harborview Medical Center. One is in stable condition and the other is in critical condition with life threatening injuries.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested and faces felony charges. Police suspect that the driver got onto the freeway from an exit ramp and are unsure what the motive was for the incident.

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