Under Newsom, 2 Released Convicts Just Rearrested Shortly After Being Freed

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 23, 2020

Two inmates shortly after being released from California jails as a result of the coronavirus pandemic were rearrested and accused of committing new crimes

On April 13 California implemented an emergency order by the State Judicial Council eliminating bail for low level offenses. As a result thousands of criminals have been released from jails across the state.

Several criminals who have been released have been rearrested. Rocky Lee Music was released from Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on Sunday. Within 40 minutes of his release he hijacked a vehicle. On Wednesday he was charged with the crime. Music was initially arrested prior to being released for car theft

Owen Aguilar was released from Fresno County Jail and was also rearrested within a week of being released. Aguilar has been charged with setting nine fires. He apparently set fire to a homeless person’s tent, several commercial dumpsters and a shopping cart.

Earlier in the month a man who was arrested for several school burglaries was released and then rearrested for a series of crimes including stealing 23 cars from a San Jose car rental agency with the help of three other people. All four of the criminals were released with no bail.

In addition to eliminating bail to reduce the amount of criminals in California jails, the state has also moved up the release dates for thousands of criminals.

Residents of California are becoming increasingly frustrated with how Governor Newsom is handling the pandemic. As criminals are being released from jail, citizens who exercise their constitutional rights are being arrested.


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