Tweaker Bath Bomb: Feds Seize 50 Lbs Of Infused Soap From Mexico

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 23, 2020

In Cincinnati US Customs and Border Protection Agents seized 50 pounds of meth that was emulsified in bars of soap.

On May 20 U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Cincinnati Express Consignment Operations hub were alerted by a drug detecting K9 that a package potentially contained drugs.

Upon initial inspection of the package it appeared that what the K9 was smelling was bars of soap. However when the package was sent through an x-ray it showed that there were inconsistencies.

The soap retrieved on May 20 contained 37 pounds of meth. The package was sent from Mexico and was intended for a recipient in Atlanta.

Then on the next night an other package came through Cincinnati from the same shipper in Mexico and CBP Agents discovered more soap emulsified with meth. This time there was 13.5 pounds of meth intended for a recipient in Minnesota.

The combined street value of the meth retrieved from both packages is estimated to be approximately $217,000

“According to the DEA, methamphetamine is the drug most frequently identified in their reporting. About half of the DEA domestic field divisions are reporting price increases at the retail and/or wholesale level, particularly in areas where methamphetamine is most prevalent. The DEA is also reporting decreases in availability.”
– Release Statement

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