TSA Agents At Newark International Make Masks To Donate To The Homeless

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 16, 2020

With passenger screening at an all time low in most airports, Transportation Security Administration officers in Newark NJ figured out a way to give back to their community

TSA officers at Newark International Airport have started making masks out of socks to donate to local homeless shelters. The officers have had a lot of downtime due to the decrease in flights and are making good use of their time.

The TSA agents have made 200 masks out of 100 pairs of brand new socks. TSA Officer Eliane Pascoal got the idea after watching a YouTube video on how to make masks.

“I see homeless people and I got to thinking that none of them have access to masks during the pandemic,”
– Eliane Pascoal

After the masks are completed they are packaged in Zip top bags along with a card and instructions.

“Our people have hearts and the fact that they identified a community that did not have access to masks and went about creating masks for this vulnerable population says a lot about the character of the TSA team here at Newark,”
– Thomas Carter, TSA federal security director for New Jersey

The masks were donated to Family Promise Union County and Life Homeless Shelter. Both shelters were extremely grateful for the donations to help protect their clients and staff from the coronavirus.


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