Trump Mobilzes Military In DC, Vows To Use Fed Resources To End Riots

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 01, 2020

President Trump addressed the nation today vowing to take immediate action and utilize whatever resources necessary to put an end to the violent riots and looting that have occurred across the country.

Trump spoke to the American Public Monday evening letting them know that if Governors don’t deploy the National Guard to put an end to protest he will take immediate action to put an end to the violence.

“I will fight to protect you. “
“I have recommended every governor deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers to dominate the streets. We are ending riots and lawlessness, we will end it today.”
– President Trump

Immediately following his speech in the Rose Garden, President Trump accompanied by the secret service walked outside of the White House grounds and across the street to St. John’s Episcopal Church which was burned during the riots this past weekend.

Several White House officials accompanied him to the Church including Attorney General Bill Barr, daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

The President stood in front of the boarded up Church and raised a Bible.

“We cannot allow the righteous cries of peaceful protesters to be drowned out by an angry mob. The biggest victims of this rioting are peace-loving citizens in our poorest communities.”
– President Trump

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