Time To Think: Are Police Enforcing Illegal Orders? (opinion)

by americaskeepersinc on April 29, 2020

Post by Ray Dietrich

Let me start this article off by saying I am a 20 year ex-police officer from a family full of law enforcement. I worked two major departments in Southern California and worked a variety of assignments as a deputy, detective, and sergeant. I host a pro-police podcast. I work very closely with police non-profits. I am also furious with the way law enforcement is dealing with the enforcement of these draconian lock down orders.

Fellow law enforcement officers, we swore an oath to the United States Constitution. Not to the mayor, the governor, or your police chief. To the people. The Constitution matters.

Let’s review:

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now watch this:

Citizen: Why are you here?

Officer: “Your daughter is going to play at other people’s homes and you’re allowing it to happen”


So let’s review how laws work. If they are unconstitutional, they get struck down by courts and are not enforced. This is even weaker. These are not laws, they are orders by politicians in a complete overreach of power. Politicians cannot just create laws with penalty without the appropriate legislative body voting the law in.

Just because it’s “scary” out there doesn’t change the Constitution. Not allowing free speech, assembly, or movement of people is not legal by such order.

Officers, I get it. You’re just “following orders.” It’s on you to stand up. It’s on you to protect the Constitution. That’s your true duty. If an uninformed supervisor orders you to enforce an illegal order, say no. Let them know you feel it is unconstitutional. That should do the trick. If not, fight! Do you know what happens to departments that fire officers for not enforcing an unconstitutional order? They win lawsuits and get reinstated. Nobody can fight this fight but you. Refuse to enforce tyrannical orders.

Let’s take a look at yet another example of complete tyranny:

To the NYPD. I feel for you. You have a horrible mayor and your city is the epicenter of this plague. But, you MUST stand up to illegal orders such as this! Religious freedom trumps all. PERIOD.

It is not ok to arrest or cite people for not wearing a mask.

It is not ok to arrest or cite people for opening their business.

It is not ok to arrest or cite people for letting their children play.

It is not ok to arrest or cite people for playing in the park.

It is not ok to arrest or cite people for sitting on the beach.

Law enforcement, I URGE you to heed this warning. You are rapidly unraveling the public trust and becoming exactly what the cop haters have called us for years, the gestapo. Tik Tok videos do not fix this. Doing right by people and the law does.

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