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TikTok waits 3 Hours to Call Police After Teenager Livestreams Suicide

The social media platform TikTok waited almost three hours before reporting a teenager’s suicide that was live streamed on their platform.

A 19 year old Brazilian teenager live streamed his suicide on TikTok back in February 2019. Despite users filing complaints, TikTok’s software lacked the ability to pickup this type of situation. Many other social media platforms have software in place to pick up on these scenarios which allows them to act quickly to get authorities involved.


Even after TikTok picked up on the situation they waited 3 hours before contacting law enforcement and instead focused their attention on putting together a Press Release.

The live stream video stayed up for hours where you could see the individual lying there, dead. TikTok did take down the video once they became aware of the situation. However the reason they didn’t contact law enforcement was because they were more concerned about salvaging their reputation than another person’s life.

TikTok has claimed they have made changes to their platform to handle these situations more efficiently and they claim there was a breakdown in the process that resulted in the error.

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