Thin Blue Line Show – Randy & Ray’s Rants

by americaskeepersinc on January 30, 2020
Thin Blue Line Show 01-30-20 with Ray Dietrich and Randy Sutton

Former law enforcement officers Ray Dietrich & Randy Sutton break down Law Enforcement Issues of the day and go after leftist cop haters on a weekly podcast.

This weeks episode covered:

0:46 San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin drops charges on man who attacked police with a glass vodka bottle (and was shot)

7:34 More disasters coming out of the New York State bail reform

16:56 School Board member attempts to unarm officers assigned to schools because “We know that black and brown students are much more likely to be shot by police officers.”

21:55 Ray talks about going to jury duty in California and discovering felons are allowed to be jurors now

26:14 Man who shot State Trooper in the head is convicted and will serve no jail time

29:26 30 State Troopers fired for cheating on an exam in the academy

35:07 Koby Bryant – cop gets in trouble for posting “who was koby bryant”

42:44 Randy talks about

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