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Thin Blue Line Show – Randy & Ray’s Rants

Randy Sutton and Ray Dietrich – Thin Blue Line Show (YouTube)

Former law enforcement officers Ray Dietrich & Randy Sutton break down Law Enforcement Issues of the day and go after leftist cop haters on a weekly podcast.

This weeks episode covered:

1:27 Leftist, Activist Prosecutors who are attempting to destroy the criminal justice system from the inside.

10:40 Community Activists Go After LAPD After Officer Involved Shooting ( And they shootings don’t get much cleaner than this…)

21:00 NFL Launches Social Justice Warrior Ad Campaign in time for the playoffs and Superbowl.

25:03 Apple Computers refuses to cooperate with law enforcement to crack terrorist iPhones

29:18 Alert on ambush attacks on law enforcement

41:48 Court reinstates fired officer after shooting, but the City refuses to issue his gun and badge

47:12 Joe Biden threatens to fire ICE officers for arresting anything but felonies committed in the USA (including drunk driving)

53:35 Updates from http://thewoundedblue.org

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