Texas Nursing Home Claims Hydroxychloroquine Saved The Day

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 02, 2020

After an outbreak of the coronavirus at a Texas nursing home, a doctor administered hydroxychloroquine to the residents who had become infected and all but one survived

The Resort at Texas had a coronavirus outbreak resulting in 56 residents becoming infected. After being administered several medications, 55 of the residents survived without having to be transported to a nearby hospital.

Dr. Robin Armstrong acted quickly administering hydroxychloroquine, Zpac and Zinc to every resident who had contracted the virus and the results offer hope in combating the deadly virus . All but one patient survived.

While Dr Armstrong doesn’t advertise the medications as a cure it does provide hope that there are effective medications to fight the deadly virus.

“Our Goal was to make sure we could shelter them in place so we don’t spread it to other people. Then also at the same time treat them so they would get better. Our goal was to keep them here and treat them with the medications we had available. If we didn’t make the decision quickly then we could potentially lose 15 to 20% of the residents which was not an option. We did EKGs on each of these patients to make sure they didn’t have the cardiac side effects that everyone talks about. None of our patients did. Everyone who got on treatment who started on treatment is actually doing really well,” 
– Dr Robin Armstrong

While hydroxychloroquine may not be a cure for the coronavirus it’s hopeful to know that it has the potential to be an effective treatment.

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