Texas Hospital Shows Staff Appreciation By Paying Bonuses

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 11, 2020

A hospital in Texas understands the impact the coronavirus has had on its healthcare workers and they are showing their appreciation by giving bonuses to full time and part time employee

As frontline health care workers continue to put themselves in harms way to combat the deadly coronavirus many have seen a decrease in pay and benefits.

One hospital in Texas sent an email this past week stating how much they appreciate their employees and that they would be paying out bonuses

“What our CEO Mark Wallace has done, is a few days ago, sent out an email telling everybody about how appreciative, of course, we are of the work they are doing – but also understanding the stress they are under, so over 10,000 employees were offered a $500 bonus, and part-time employees were offered a $250 bonus,”
– MaryJo Andre, chief nursing officer at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston

While the hospital realizes that the money isn’t life changing he hopes the gesture helps employees know that they are appreciated. The bonus goes beyond medical staff and includes food service workers and environmental services as well

“For us, it’s not a difficult thing – we’ve been through many other incidents, nothing like this pandemic, but we’ve had a similar thing in Harvey and in other times when we’re really asking our employees to go above and beyond,” 
– MaryJo Andre

The hospital is also working with other hospitals in Texas to create initiatives to help employees including supplemental programs to extend time off.

The hospital is also working with other hospital to collaborate on best practices to treat patients and keep hospital workers safe

“I think one of the things that people need to understand is that even here at the hospital we are practicing the basics. We are doing social distancing, we are doing the hand hygiene, we are doing the same things that they need to do in their homes. Many of them need to stay at home and not go anywhere. As caregivers and people who are running command centers, we need to be here and we’re doing that in the safest way possible.”
– MaryJo Andre


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