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$3.6 BILLION Released By Federal Appeals Court For Trump's Border Wall...It just keeps getting built. #winning #BuildTheWall pic.twitter.com/HBItvlJyQA — America's Keepers Thin Blue Line Show (@thinblueliner) January 10, 2020 A federal appeals court based in New Orleans has lifted a block placed by a lower court on military aid President Trump's administration wants to use to build a wall along the southern border."Entire Wall is under construction or getting ready to start!" President Trump tweeted Thursday morning. He said the ruling "gave us the go ahead to build one of the largest sections of the desperately needed Southern Border Wall."So far,...

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Witness the "Orange Man Bad No Matter What" Pelosi Flip Flop. pic.twitter.com/XOdmYAtniS — America's Keepers Thin Blue Line Show (@thinblueliner) January 9, 2020 After calls from many Democrats to vote on a measure to limit Trump’s ability to act against Iran, Nancy Pelosi has just announced that the House will be voting on a War Powers Resolution Today in order to do just that. In her announcement of the impending vote, Pelosi referred to the airstrike that killed Soleimani,(Response to Storming of US Embassy) of which no Democrat members of Congress were briefed on, and explained...“Members of Congress have serious,...

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176 Perish As Ukrainian Airliner Crashes Shortly After Takeoff from Tehran, Iran#ukraineplanecrash #IranVSAmerica pic.twitter.com/Te0K3eEK7X — America's Keepers Thin Blue Line Show (@thinblueliner) January 8, 2020 A Ukrainian airplane carrying 176 passengers and crew crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran's airport Wednesday morning, killing all on board and turning farmland on the outskirts of the capital into fields of flaming debris. "I heard a massive explosion and all the houses started to shake. There was fire everywhere," Din Mohammad Qassemi, an Iranian who lives near the crash site, told the Associated Press. Qassemi said he had been watching news broadcasts...

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Over 30 missiles fired by Iran toward US bases in Iraq. pic.twitter.com/XO3ljC3BzX — America's Keepers Thin Blue Line Show (@thinblueliner) January 8, 2020 Missiles were fired early Wednesday in multiple locations across Iraq, a senior U.S. military source in the country told reporters, describing it as a series of attacks on U.S. forces from Iran. The White House said it was aware of the reports. "We are aware of the reports of attacks on US facilities in Iraq," according to a statement from White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham. "The President has been briefed and is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national...

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Dozens of Iraqi Shiite militiamen and their supporters broke into the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad on Tuesday, smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area, angered over deadly U.S. airstrikes targeting the Iran-backed militia. U.S. guards fired tear gas and palls of smoke rose over the grounds. “We have delivered our message, please leave the area to avoid bloodshed,” one announcement said as several US Marines were seen on the roof of the main building with their guns pointed at the protesters. At one point, the Marines fired tear gas and flash rounds to disperse the...

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