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FARMINGTON — In the wake of Monday's explosion in Farmington that killed a veteran firefighter and critically injured several others, local fire department officials say they are focused on helping their own. Acting Fire Chief Tim Hardy started work at the Farmington Fire Department the year after Chief Terry Bell joined in the 1970’s. Bell’s brother Michael, who died in Monday's propane gas explosion, had been with the department for 30 years. Hardy says everybody in the department is doing what they can to help the Bell family and the families of other firefighters still hospitalized.  As the investigation into what caused...

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A huge fire at a cattle breeding facility in Australia has caused thousands of dollars in damage after at least 100 cylinders containing bull semen were destroyed.Heated bull semen launched dangerous projectiles in every direction during an early morning inferno that caused firefighters to take cover at an Australian cattle-breeding facility Tuesday.Emergency services were called to the blaze in the early hours at Yarram Herd Services in Gippsland, Victoria.At least 30 firefighters responded to the call, where heat from the fire caused containers to pressurize and burst open. The container lids and other debris flew through the air as firefighters dodged "projectiles," Country...

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FARMINGTON, Maine - Firefighters were called to the Farmington Falls Road building at about 8:07 a.m. for a smell of propane. The explosion occurred minutes later. Authorities said the explosion, which happened around 8 a.m., was caused by a propane leak. First responders were called to the scene when employees smelled gas. The building—which was the center office for LEAP, a non-profit that serves adults with disabilities—was then evacuated. The deceased was identified as Fire Captain Michael Bell, 68, a 30-year veteran of the department. He is the brother of Fire Chief Terry Bell, 62, who was also injured during the...

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WILDWOOD, NJ - Multiple decks on a three-story building collapsed during a firefighters’ event at the Jersey Shore — injuring 22, including at least three children. The collapse happened around 6 p.m. Saturday in Wildwood during the annual New Jersey Firemen’s Convention. It was unclear how many people were on or under the decks at the time, or how many were firefighters, but authorities said those who were trapped were quickly removed. The annual convention attracts thousands of current and former firefighters to the resort town. Firefighters were likely among those hurt or trapped."The 2nd and 3rd floor front decks suffered a...

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A sheepdog named Oreo fell 60 feet from a cliff above Helen Hunt Falls in Colorado Springs, officials say. Video shows firefighters rappel to rescue the dog, which sustained only a minor injury, officials say.   The Colorado Springs Fire Department Tweeted out details covering the rescue of Oreo the sheepdog. Oreo fell off a cliff above Helen Hunt Falls on the southwest side of the city.  #CSFD CSFD HI Angle Rescue. Upper Gold Camp parking lot. Near tunnel 3. Dog fell 60 feet. Crews making way there now. Media staging in upper gold camp parking lot. @CSFDPIO on scene...

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