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but what does that mean? Well, in short, it means that the County Sheriff in all of these counties has stepped up and said no to unconstitutional and tyrannical government. There is no better display of this than in the good ol' state of Texas where 7 counties have made this declaration. Introducing - Hood County Texas Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, and Pol Pot were among the villains mentioned at a recent meeting of the Hood County Commissioners’ Court, but no menace loomed as large as someone Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds would describe only as “a person...

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About two dozen boulders now sit along a half-block stretch of sidewalk on Clinton Park, a residential side street near Market and Dolores streets in San Francisco. The boulders are meant as barriers to keep homeless people from camping out.  "Since the rocks, it has helped," said neighbor Ernesto Jerez. A band of San Francisco residents have taken matters into their own hands when it comes to the city’s growing homeless crisis — setting up boulders on their street to deter vagrants from setting up a shantytown. Residents of the Mission Dolores neighborhood recently chipped in to buy the roughly two...

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