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Antonio Brown is a cop hating racist. Shocker. pic.twitter.com/yDv9zj51NP — America's Keepers Thin Blue Line Show (@thinblueliner) January 13, 2020 NFL free agent Antonio Brown is back at it again. Enraged that his ex Chelsie Kyriss allegedly tried to steal his car, disgraced NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown lashed out at Kyriss — with whom he has three kids — and police by throwing a bag of gummy penises in their direction outside his home in Hollywood, Fla. Brown livestreamed a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss and Hollywood police outside of his home. Brown’s children appeared to be present as...

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April Ryan, Contributor for CNN, implies President Trump's "reported" but not verified interest in nuking hurricanes has a racist motive behind it because Africa is "where there are mostly black people." In a panel Monday morning on CNN, Ryan said the president has called Africa a "shithole nation" in the past and wondered if Trump is interested in the continent because "mostly black people" live there."We’re tongue and cheeking this, but this is the President of the United States saying something about that. And he brought in Africa. As Angela…as we were talking during break, he’s called Africa a shit...

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"White supremacy isn’t what’s harming black America - it’s “liberal supremacy.” - Candace Owens“The purpose for this is to distract black Americans from the fact that Democrat policies are actually harming the inner cities. They don’t want to talk about the illiteracy rates. They don't want to talk about what’s actually harming black America, because let me tell you, it's not white supremacy. It’s liberal supremacy,” Owens said during an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle.”Owens debated Democrat strategist Monique Pressley about whether President Donald Trump is a racist. Owens said Trump wasn’t considered a racist until he ran for president.Help...

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